Step 1

  • Make a solution that is handy for everyone is very simple
  • Go on your Freshdesk dashboard and click on SOLUTIONS


Step 2

  • This screen will appear 
  • If you go on the three points on the top left you’ll be able to choose for what brand and product you want to make a solution

Step 3

  • Scroll down to Step 4
  • Click to log in and start a warranty request (RMA).
  • If you do not have an account yet, please create one and try these steps again afterwards.

Step 4

  • Just select the portal and a new view will open regarding all the solutions made for it
  • Let’s try with Princess
  • You can choose the language your article will be in or the category
  • To write a new article just click on NEW ARTICLE
  • Start with putting the title and write the body. 
  • Tip: write the most easy and understandable for the costumer. Also the view has to look tide and clean. 

Step 5

  • Once you are done writing remember to put a yellow note with a simple explanation and alike the title

Step 6

  • On the right column you can find the language (maybe the article is already be written and you can take some information or you can translate other languages)
  • But, before to save, you have to edit some details of the document

Step 7
  • Here you have to put as much infromations as you have to make the solution easy to be found.
  • Lots of tags, a title easy but concrete and a description as long as you can.

Save it and your team leader will check if is good to be published.